Elation Platinum Hudson Full Seat Breech | DRC7454 | Greenhawk

Elation Platinum Hudson Full Seat Breech

Product Code : DRC7454

Price: $109.99

  • The Elation Platinum Hudson Full Seat Breech offers fashion forward styling and a European cut in a lighter weight technical fabric with excellent 4-way stretch for everyday schooling or in the show ring. The premium RIMA leather full seat is combined with a slightly wider, two button Gutos closure waistband. Visually stunning, the Hudson is complete with Demi-cut Sport Stretch™ ankles for a smooth, snug fit, front and back pockets, double belt loops in a contrast stitch and front zipper.
    • Fashion Forward Styling
    • European Cut
    • Lightweight Technical Fabric
    • 4-Way Stretch
    • Premium RIMA Leather Full Seat
    • 2 Button Gutos Closure Waistband
    • Demi-cut Sport Stretch™ Ankles
    • Front & Back Pockets
    • Double Belt Loops
    • Front Zipper
    • Contrast Stitching

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