Summit Pro Anti Slip Pad | RIE6964 | Greenhawk

Summit Pro Anti Slip Pad

Product Code : RIE6964

Price: $99.99

  • The Summit Pro Anti-Slip Pad’s myriad of features combine to create an all-in-one multi-purpose pad. Featuring a trendy euro cutaway hem, the Summit Pro is gently cushioned with a combination of technical gels and foam which not only negates the need for a half pad, it also helps to stabilize your saddle and reduce unwanted movement. The high wither design accommodates every body type and the 600 denier polyester girth panel offers a shield against rubs in one of your horse’s most sensitive areas. The high quality cotton fabrics are lined with a soft anti-slip material that is gentle on your horse’s skin and offers extra security against saddle slipping. Complete with Velcro girth straps. Billet straps not included.The Summit Pro Anti-Slip Pad transitions stylishly between flatwork and jumping.

    • Trendy euro cutaway hem
    • Gently cushioned with technical gels and foam – no need for a half pad
    • High wither design
    • 600 denier polyester girth panel
    • High quality cotton fabrics
    • Lined with soft anti-slip material
    • Velcro girth straps