Quic Braid Spray/Refill 1.89L | STS9598 | Greenhawk

Quic Braid Spray/Refill 1.89L

Product Code : STS9598

Price: $36.15

  • Designed for professional show ring results, Quic Braid Spray is superior to water or human styling product alternatives. Quic Braid Spray offers the perfect grip for your fingers, and is neither slippery nor sticky; for tighter, neater braids and minimal stray hairs. This product trains stand-up manes to lie flat! Best of all, Quic Braid combs right out without washing, allowing easier mane care for days after the show.
    • Convenient spray bottle
    • Not slippery or sticky
    • Minimizes stray hairs
    • Easy to come out
    • Use
    • Perfect for show season
    • Spray in mane before braiding