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Knit Blinker Hood W/Ears - Full Cups

Item #:HOR5189
Reg. $53.84

Shadow Roll Regular. Black, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Red, Gold or White.

Item #:HNP5720
Reg. $38.45

Shadow Roll Slim. Black, White, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Red or Gold.

Item #:HNP5721
Reg. $38.45

Shadow Roll Upturn Regular. Black, White, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Burgundy or Red. Some colours are special order.

Item #:HNP5723
Reg. $53.07

Thoroughbred Large Shadow Roll

Item #:RIE6929
Reg. $26.92

The Racing Bat has a golf style grip and plastic wrapped fiberglass shaft with thick leather curved flapper and feathers.

  • Golf style grip
  • Plastic wrapped fiberglass shaft
  • Thick leather curved flapper and feathers

Item #:DRG0900
Reg. $15.38

Thoroughbred Racing Power Bat - 27 inch

Item #:DRG0909
Reg. $15.38

Thoroughbred Small Shadow Roll

Item #:RIE6930
Reg. $23.07
Allows treatments to penetrate hoof while breathability allows treatments to drain and dry out.

Tubbease was developed by Shoof International Ltd following the development of the concept by local farrier Erin Hampson-Tindale. Erin was trying to solve the problem of how to soak or poultice a hoof without 'stewing' it - as happened much of the time with other regular water-proof boots. With Tubbease, a variety of treatments, poultices or bandages can be applied with the hoof, or liquid treatment can simply be poured in or over the whole sock once it is on the hoof. The 'breathability' of the Tubbease sock allows the liquid to enter and soak the hoof, but then also to drain and dry out.

  • Allows treatments to penetrate foot
  • Breathability allows treatments to drain and dry out


Item #:BOD2941
Reg. $34.61

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