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Add a D-ring to your saddle by looping this product over your stirrup bar!  This also helps protect the D-rings on your saddle to ensure a long riding life with your saddle!

Item #:RIE6776
Reg. $10.76
Double joined oval mouthpiece with loose stainless steel rings features nickel-free Crypium-90.

Double joined oval mouthpiece featuring a nickel-free Crypium 90 and stainless steel loose rings. Cyprium is a metal alloy made up of a higher percentage of copper than any other metal alloy used in bit making, and helps encourage salivation. 

  • Double joined oval mouthpiece
  • Stainless steel loose rings
  • Nickel-free Crypium-90 contains higher percentage of copper to help encourage salivation

Item #:BIE2065
Reg. $42.30

Pony Crupper

Item #:RIE6371
Reg. $26.92
Leather knee straps add a polished finish to a junior rider's show outfit.

These straps finish off a junior riders show outfit so they look polished and classic in competition.

  • Leather knee straps
  • Finish off a junior show outfit

Item #:DRC6878
Reg. $19.22

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