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Can help improve overall digestion and hoof quality in a convenient pelleted formula.

Specifically formulated for the ECIR group, designed to provide the ultimate nutrition for improved hoof quality, absorption of nutrients and improved digestion – in a convenient pelleted format. When a custom formula is not possible or practical, AminoTrace+ is an excellent choice to help balance your IR/Cushing’s/PPID equine companion’s diet.

  • Can help improve hoof quality
  • Can help improve absorption of nutrients
  • Can help improve overall digestion
  • Convenient pelleted formula


Item #:SUV8851
Reg. $50.76

Item #:SUV0027
Reg. $11.53
Designed for maximum absorption of nutrients, improved hoof quality, and better digestion.

Minerals and vitamins are crucial to your horse’s health, they are involved in virtually every metabolic process. They are critically important to the ultimate health and performance of your horse. 

 Omneity mineral and vitamin pellet provides:

  • Antioxidants that neutralize stress, pain and inflammation
  • Biotin levels clinically proven to improve hoof quality
  • Minerals with superior bioavailability and absorption properties
  • A complex of digestive enzymes that improves digestion of starch, protein and fiber
  • Specific strain of live yeast scientifically proven to improve the pH of the hindgut and reduce the incidence of digestive upset and colic and increase digestion of nutrients

Item #:SUV8820
Reg. $38.45

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