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Nylon tassels keep bugs away from eyes.

This fly fringe features easy latch Velcro closures at sides to fit most bridle sizes and is created from 100% nylon.

-          Loops through your halter

-          Keep flies away from eyes and face

Item #:HOR4157
Reg. $7.68     SALE: $5.38
Mesh shields eyes from UV rays and flies.

Keeps flys off the face as well as dust, dirt and debris. Sizes: X-Large, Large Horse, Full, Arabian, Yearling or Foal/Pony.

Item #:HOR5025
Reg. $13.84     SALE: $9.22
Conveniently comb and section off mane while braiding.

A wide-tooth comb with a handy spring claw clip on the other side. Conveniently comb and section off mane while braiding or grooming.

  • Wide tooth comb
  • Spring claw clip
  • Conveniently section off mane while braiding and grooming

Item #:GRO4789
Reg. $4.61

Cotton grip long lining reins, for use in training a young horse to steer before breaking or an older horse straightness.

Item #:HOR5022
Reg. $30.76

Created from forged steel, this Nail Clincher rolls over nails with its curved jaw and features cushioned handles for additional comfort.

  • Forged Steel
  • Cushioned Handles

Item #:FAE4158
Reg. $20.76
Gently but effectively removes hair, dirt, botfly eggs, dander and beyond.

Gently yet effectively removes shedding hair, mud, bugs, burs, Bot eggs and dander while thoroughly massaging your equine and K9 friends. This grooming stone uses a gentle surface action that grabs loose hair without irritating the skin.

  • Removes Shedding Hair, Mud, Bugs, Burs, Bot Eggs and Dander
  • Massaging
  • Does Not Irritate the Skin

Item #:GRO4778
Reg. $4.61
Classic nylon halter complete with single-ply leather crownpiece that easily breaks under pressure.

This Leather Crown Nylon Halter is the perfect general purpose breakaway nylon halter. This halter is a great alternative to a leather halter for turnout. With its single-ply leather crown, it is more likely to break under pressure, keeping your horse safer from injury.

  • Single-ply leather crown
  • Adjustable crown strap
  • Snap closure at the throat

Item #:HAH4749
Reg. $23.07


Item #:HOR5077
Reg. $33.07
Ribbed pull-on bell boot in premium gum rubber.

Sturdy and durable, this set of pull-on Ribbed Bell Boots provide excellent coverage to help protect your horse’s heels.  Crafted out of premium quality gum rubber.

  • Ribbed Bell Boot
  • Premium quality gum rubber
  • Excellent coverage
  • Sturdy and durable

Item #:BOB2309
Reg. $11.53

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