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Bandage Accessories


Used for extra security, holding the bandage onto your horse, these bandage pins come in packages of one hundred, allowing for many secure wrapping experiences.  

  • Extra Security
  • Holds the Bandage onto Your Horse
  • Package of 100

Item #:BAD2221
Reg. $30.76

Felt made, rundown patches. Pack of 12.

Item #:BAD2207
Reg. $9.99

A unique product which uses the active ingredients of oleo resin capsicum, capsaicine, and pelargohic acid vanilly amide to prevent horses from chewing on wraps, blankets, wood etc. 236 ml./8 oz.

Item #:STP0002
Reg. $23.07

Perfect while away at a show or at home in the barn, this bandage roller makes rolling bandages quick and easy! This bandage roller may be mounted in your tack room or taken to on the road.

Item #:BAD2212
Reg. $12.30

Easily and quickly removes bandage wrapping.

Item #:BAD2210
Reg. $2.30
Prevents twisting and tangling while containing horse hair and dander.

The Supra Laundry Bag prevents standing wraps, stall wraps, and polo bandages from twisting and tangling in the washing machine. Made of a durable nylon mesh and big enough to accommodate a complete set of four.

  • Prevents wraps and bandages from getting tangled while in the washing machine
  • Accommodates a set of four wraps or bandages
  • Nylon mesh

Item #:BAD2218
Reg. $7.68

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