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Sponsorship Requests

We believe strongly in the spirit of competition, and we are firmly committed to the promotion of horsemanship throughout all levels of equine sport.  In order to support as many events and shows as possible we have, over the years, adopted the following sponsorship policy:
"We give a little to a lot as opposed to a lot to a few."

Some companies choose to support only large shows, which leaves few dollars to support the smaller shows. Our philosophy has always been to support all levels of equestrian sport from the junior level to the A circuit. The end effect we hope is to be able to participate in the hundreds of grassroots shows across the country.

The following criteria are used when reviewing sponsorship requests:
To receive sponsorship in the form of merchandise from Greenhawk the event/program must be a:
  1. Horse or Dog Show
  2. Clinic related to horse and rider improvement
  3. Charitable event within Canada catering specifically to the equine or canine world
Please note that we do not make cash donations or sponsor individual riders. All sponsorship requests must be sent to Greenhawk at least 45 days prior to your event.

We ask that you help us support you by promoting Greenhawk at your show. The more exposure we get at the show level the more promotional dollars we are able to donate to sponsorship each year. Here are some suggestions for promoting Greenhawk at your show or event:
  1. Advertisement in your show program (we will provide artwork)
  2. Placement of a 3'X8' banner in your show ring (contact us for availability)
  3. Add Greenhawk to your list of sponsors
  4. Distribute Greenhawk flyers to competitors and to spectators around the show grounds
  5. Include the Greenhawk logo and link to www.greenhawk.com on your website and social media platforms
  6. PA announcements such as: "This show/class has been sponsored by Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies, specialists in equine health care and equipment, serving our communities from coast to coast."
We always appreciate receiving photos and letters following the event and display them proudly in our stores. To be eligible for sponsorship, please fill out the Sponsorship Request Form and return it to Greenhawk with a letter outlining your event including dates and a current or past program.
Sponsorship Request Form
Mailing address:
Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies
5665 McLaughlin Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5R 3K5
Attn: Marketing Department-Sponsorship Program
fax: 905-238-9131